Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

That song has been playing through my mind the last week or so. Or rather the entire month. Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away and as I sit here in front of my computer I am thankful. Micah’s Blessing is my first book under C. L. Williams and I’m thrilled at the progress it’s made, at how it’s touched people’s lives and those who’ve read it and have been able to give me personal feedback are just blown away.

I’m grateful for that, because this is the story that God gave me. I have a Christmas one, but it isn’t as heavy as Micah. Look for His Loving Christmas, in December.

I give thanks to God, with every sale, every wonderful review and every post received. God has never let me down and I’m so glad I listened when he said, “do this.”


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God is Always in the Blessing Business

This past week has been very rough, financially and emotionally. However God still deserves the praise. I had to tell myself that a several times over the last few days. Has the situation been resolved? No. God is in control. He has a plan and I need to trust that.

No, it isn’t easy but he said in his word, I was young and now am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. NIV Ps.37:25.

In the meantime, Micah’s Blessing is currently on the Multicultural bestseller list at Amazon. Prayerfully it can stay there for a few days or weeks. ­čÖé As well as being an All Romance bestseller.Image

That’s a blessing.

No matter what comes your way this week and the coming weeks. Thank God. Give him the praise and remember he’s in control.

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New Cover for Micah

There’s nothing better than having a new cover to reveal. Here is the new on for Micah’s Blessing and yes, this one is hubby approved.

Thanks Marissa at Sizzling Hot Designs for the lovely cover.Image

Micah is in Edits

Hello Good People!

Micah’s Blessing is in edits. I’m 4 pages into a 294 page manuscript. So far it’s mostly punctuation. Ah, the bane of my existence. So I’ll keep your posted on my progress. Hopefully I’ll have a cover to share this week, too.

God Bless

C. L.

Almost Here…

I’ve just been informed that my editor is nearly finished with Micah’s Blessing. Well I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. There’s a new cover. Yeah. Did a little research and wanted to make it a little more mainstream, even though the one you see is gorgeous.

So keep an out out here for a release date and new cover reveal.


C. L.

How About Some Cover Love

Here’s the cover for the inspirational Christmas Short, His Loving Christmas.

Angelina Rain from Angelic Designs did an excellent job.



Astrid Miller lives and believes in God. She also believes in the enchantment and wonder of Christmas, but her world and faith are shaken when she loses her job, her home and very nearly her life.

Michael Wynn has one holiday wish, to be a husband to the woman he loves and if he’s an instant father that’s even better. However he’ll have to have enough faith to see them both through this holiday crisis.