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How About Some Cover Love

Here’s the cover for the inspirational Christmas Short, His Loving Christmas.

Angelina Rain from Angelic Designs did an excellent job.



Astrid Miller lives and believes in God. She also believes in the enchantment and wonder of Christmas, but her world and faith are shaken when she loses her job, her home and very nearly her life.

Michael Wynn has one holiday wish, to be a husband to the woman he loves and if he’s an instant father that’s even better. However he’ll have to have enough faith to see them both through this holiday crisis.


When Man Plans, God Laughs

Yep. I know the Big Guy is laughing at me. That’s cool. So I gotta lot scared and took my Christian/Inspirational romances elsewhere.

Not a good idea.

What I should’ve done was push back my release date, instead I encountered more stress and worry than I needed, but everything happens for a reason.

Did I learn anything?

Absolutely. There are people in this world that are only out to make a buck, or to cut one down or just don’t want to see you succeed.

So now I’m back to self-pubbing my Christian/Inspirational books. And that’s fine. I have a really cool editor and the cover artist for one of the stories did and awesome job.

As soon as she sends me the clean jpegs I’ll do a cover reveal. In the meantime, follow the plan God has set for you. And if you stray like I did, ask for forgiveness and get back on track. We serve a God of second chances and he is there. All you have to do is ask.


C. L.