When Man Plans, God Laughs

Yep. I know the Big Guy is laughing at me. That’s cool. So I gotta lot scared and took my Christian/Inspirational romances elsewhere.

Not a good idea.

What I should’ve done was push back my release date, instead I encountered more stress and worry than I needed, but everything happens for a reason.

Did I learn anything?

Absolutely. There are people in this world that are only out to make a buck, or to cut one down or just don’t want to see you succeed.

So now I’m back to self-pubbing my Christian/Inspirational books. And that’s fine. I have a really cool editor and the cover artist for one of the stories did and awesome job.

As soon as she sends me the clean jpegs I’ll do a cover reveal. In the meantime, follow the plan God has set for you. And if you stray like I did, ask for forgiveness and get back on track. We serve a God of second chances and he is there. All you have to do is ask.


C. L.



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