When Man Plans, God Laughs

Yep. I know the Big Guy is laughing at me. That’s cool. So I gotta lot scared and took my Christian/Inspirational romances elsewhere.

Not a good idea.

What I should’ve done was push back my release date, instead I encountered more stress and worry than I needed, but everything happens for a reason.

Did I learn anything?

Absolutely. There are people in this world that are only out to make a buck, or to cut one down or just don’t want to see you succeed.

So now I’m back to self-pubbing my Christian/Inspirational books. And that’s fine. I have a really cool editor and the cover artist for one of the stories did and awesome job.

As soon as she sends me the clean jpegs I’ll do a cover reveal. In the meantime, follow the plan God has set for you. And if you stray like I did, ask for forgiveness and get back on track. We serve a God of second chances and he is there. All you have to do is ask.


C. L.



What’s New with C.L.

Hello Everyone.

So some things have changed. I’ve been incredibly busy the last few months. I’m no longer self-pubbing Micah’s Blessing. BP’s Blessings line contracted Micah’s Blessing and The One You Love. Both books will be out later this year. I’ll try to get here a little more often.

In the meantime, I’m working on a historical cowboy story. I think I may stay with the preachers and ministers. I hope you don’t mind. There’s just something about the man of God that speaks to me. They try so hard to be what God has called them to be and they are just men who God has called and blessed with a tremendous burden.

So keep an eye out. I’ll get by more often.


Micah’s Blessing, Edits and Prayer

Prayer changes things and when I get stuck there’s only who can help, God.

I received the edits for Micah’s Blessing last week and I”m only 32 pages into 175 page manuscript. My editor and I are concentrating on character development and getting rid of pronouns. I love my pronouns.

Anyway. This project is probably one of the most important ones I”ll ever undertake. My husband thought this (writing a Christian romance) should be second nature for me to write as I’ve been in church practically my entire life and I love to write.

Ahhh…no. There’s a message to be conveyed and that’s not to be taken lightly. When I write my other romances, I’m not concerned about who may be struggling with being a single parent, or some form of addiction, or even their sexuality. So the words chosen, must reflect that, the characters portrayed must be relatable.

Micah’s Blessing dealings with a pastor ready to step down from his appointment, because of circumstances in his life. He needs a helpmeet and so far he has found no one. Enter one sultry night club singer, contemplating suicide. She’s ready to leave  this world behind for lack of love, yet God has a plan for both of them.

This is the story God gave me a few years ago. While I’m going through edits, I have to trust that what I’ve written will touch so one else. Some parts of the story are very emotional for me and I hope that will get through to you, the reader.

And maybe, just maybe the message of love will come through and bring someone else to God.

Until we meet again, may God bless you with Faith, Hope, and Romance.

C.L. Williams


Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you’re spending the day with someone you love. Whether it’s children. parents. spouse, good friends…spread the love. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

God Bless


I’m embarking onto something new. I’m not a stranger to writing romance, but adding inspiration, religion and closing the bedroom door, well that is new.

Hopefully, we’ll both learn something.


God Bless,

C. L. Williams

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